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In writing this five-volume series, I’ve relied heavily on the work of theorists, consultants, CEOs, project managers, and many, many other innovative thinkers across the decades. They are far too many to name, but they deserve recognition. I’d like to take a moment now to sincerely thank everyone who has brought this group of innovation manuals to fruition.

As I’ve said and seen countless times, ideas come into the world on their own schedule, often to many people at once who are oceans apart and working in disconnected fields. I want to personally thank everyone who shared in the formation of the ideas presented here, and I hope to live long enough to say so to each of you in person.

For now, I would like to recognize a few of the individuals who did truly extraordinary work to encapsulate the concepts from this volume in their present form.

First of all, my thanks go out to Prof. Philip Kotler, in the International Marketing Department at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Your words have been extremely inspirational and encouraging in prompting me to publish my key findings and methodology. Then I want to thank Scott McNealy, founder of Sun Microsystems, for sharing his leadership experience and thoughts on running an innovation center that resulted in some of the most profound innovations in modern history.

I also send my special appreciation to the entire team at Innovation360. I’m sure they know that they have my profound respect for their role in helping bring new ideas into the world. I would also like to include those outside the company who have made valuable contributions to the presentation of this series, such as Dragan Bilic and Henrik Lundblad for their graphical work, and Sasha Viasasha and Annginette Anderson for their editorial help.

Next, my gratitude goes out to our clients and the greater network of independent Innovation360 licensed practitioners who are working in the field right now to support the next generation of innovators. I would especially like to mention Maurizio Grassi for his contribution regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I also want to mention Niclas Claesson, Julia Doria, Martin Hultqvist, Paulo Malta, Thierry Bernicard, Christopher Michael, Renee Reynolds, Farhan Majeed, Peter Popovics, Khaled Adas, Sofie Lindblom, Tanya Sasivanij, Saif Amer, Agnes Sävenstedt, Jens Nilsson, Peet van Biljon and Allan Ashok for their profound and important contributions.

Finally, I want to thank my coauthors Peter Junermark and Sten Jacobson.

Magnus Penker

Stockholm, Sweden

March 2018


Magnus Penker is an internationally renowned thought leader on innovation, digitization, and business transformation. He has spoken at prestigious global forums and events including the Global Peter Drucker Forum, top-ranked international business schools, a variety of associations, and some of the world’s largest companies.

He has been honored with two Business Worldwide Magazine awards for his achievements, the “Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016” and “Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Sweden 2016” awards. Additionally, he has launched ten startups and has acquired, turned around, and sold more than thirty European SMEs.

Through his best-selling American books on digitization and IT engineering, and his more than twenty years of experience as a management consultant and business leader, Mr. Penker inspires leaders to find a new way of thinking and organizing to stay on top.

For the past eight years, he has used his practical and theoretical insights to develop InnoSurvey, a leading methodology and global innovation database that is used for business analysis and support to companies, business leaders, and scientists around the world. Today, Mr. Penker is the CEO and founder of the Innovation360 Group, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and New York in the United States.

Mr. Penker is driven by the recognition that in these turbulent times, we must understand our core strengths and determine how we can use those capabilities and competencies to create advantages in a globalized market with endless possibilities. The global map is being redrawn at speeds never before seen, and historically low interest rates are attracting capital to global digital-risk projects that will further strengthen this movement.

Mr. Penker has a BSc in Computer Science (CTH, Sweden) and an MBA from the Henley Business School, England.

Peter Junermark is an acclaimed trainer who has brought his skills to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. As a leader of Innovation360 workshops, Peter specializes in bringing disruptive technology and breakthrough projects to life. He is the senior software architect and lead developer with primary responsibility for the platform supporting the tools of the Innovation360 Group.

Before joining the Innovation360 Group, Peter was cofounder and a senior manager at Open Training Sweden’s Gothenburg office. During his long-term consultancy at the Volvo Information Technology headquarters, Peter built learning-management and competence-management systems.

As one of the initial contributors to the Innovation360 Framework, Peter brings to this series of volumes a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of his work. Peter’s training background and logically ordered thinking proved to be invaluable in explaining the most complex relationships in plain language with examples that are easy to visualize.

Peter holds a master of science in computer engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. His latest projects involve the investigation of cutting-edge AI that expand on agile methodologies and establish an easily sharable set of coding principles.

Sten Jacobson has successfully managed more than two hundred management-consulting assignments, during which he challenged board members, executive teams, and managers to keep pressing for more creative yet profitable business models, often with sustainability at the core of the differentiation.

He is a master at the practical applications of Blue Ocean strategy creation, which is designed to unearth one-of-a-kind, data-derived pockets of uncontested markets. He shows companies how to redraw industry boundaries in such a way that it essentially makes competition irrelevant.

Sten is the leading instructor for the accreditation of Innovation360’s global cadre of licensed practitioners. He has been instrumental in spreading the InnoSurvey results and methodologies out to every continent. He has engaged within workgroups at the ongoing international standardization work (ISO) on innovation-management systems and innovation-management assessment. Among Sten’s most in-demand skills are his expertise in executive-team mentoring, power conceptualization/visualization, seismic disruption, and the applications of advanced tech within professional services. His speaking engagements for C-level execs and international associations also frequently center on his work in value-proposition design, business-process mapping, and digital transformation.

He brings to this series a wider perspective on strategic execution of Innovation360 principles, translating the mechanics of innovation into management standards and practices that can be put into effect the moment the innovation team is assembled.

Sten holds a master of science in electronic engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He also holds higher-management education from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in Stockholm.


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