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There are so many people who deserve credit and thanks for this work that I could fill several more volumes with names alone. Ideas come into the world on their own schedule, often to many people at once, oceans apart and working in disconnected fields. I want to personally thank everyone who shared in forming the ideas presented here and I hope to live long enough to say so to each of you in person.

For now, I would like to recognize a few of the individuals who did extraordinary work to encapsulate these concepts in their present form.

First of all, my thanks go out the faculty, staff and students at Henley Business School in, U.K., where the Innovation360 project took its first breath of inspiration. In particular, I want to express my gratitude to Henley’s distinguished Professor of Strategy and Innovation George Tovstiga, whose support and encouragement at the earliest stages of my research project truly set the foundation for Innovation360 and the work presented in this series of volumes.

The entire team at Innovation360 knows they have my profound thanks and respect for helping bring new ideas into the world. That also includes those outside the company who have made valuable contributions, such as Dragan Bilic for his work on the book covers and Sasha Viasasha and Annginette Anderson for editorial help. I’d also like to thank all our clients and all independent Innovation360 licensed practitioners who are right now working in the field to support the next generation of innovators. Especially I would like to mention Niclas Claesson, Julia Doria, Anders Bjurstam, Marcus Wahlberg, Martin Hultqvist, Paulo Malta, Agnes Sävenstedt, Tomas Wolf, Jens Nilsson, Lars-Göran Fröjd, Peet van Biljon, Sabina Svensson, Allan Ashok , Saif Amer, Nahid Mammadov, Thierry Bernicard, Laura Duran and Peter Glasheen for their profound contributions.

Finally, I want to thank my co-authors on this volume, Sten Jacobson and Peter Junermark. I am thrilled to share these pages with them and their brilliant insights.